Our state-of-the-art and powerful technology platform encompasses the following major functionalities of dictation and transcription management.

Dictation Capture

At CMAGscribe, digital dictation is captured and transcribed utilizing the following methods:

  • Utilizing digital dictation systems we are able to emulate the facility's current dictation capture methods to provide minimal impact on physicians while providing increased functionality.
  • Physicians can also utilize various handheld devices to dictate as well as PC microphones.
  • Physicians can also utilize the standard method of dictating using telephones.
  • Dictation is stored indefinitely for each client and can be accessed at any time by the facility.
  • In some cases, facilities would like to continue utilizing their current dictation system. We are able to directly connect with current hospital systems.

Document Distribution

  • Our proprietary software allows us to interface with health care providers' existing computer systems.
  • We are able to transcribe directly into your medical records system in cases where an interface is not desired.
  • We offer flexibility in secure delivery of the client's documents which includes on-site hard copy printing, and softcopy reports in a variety of formats (txt, .doc, .rtf, wpd, etc.).
  • We also provide fax services and secure e-mail of transcribed documents.

Online Management Capability

  • Status of dictation, transcription and document distribution can be readily and securely tracked online.
  • Detailed billing statements are available online via secure online access.
  • Various other resources are also available to our clients online as needed, including various dictation management reports as well as dictation instructions for efficient secure access.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  • We provide an FTP service to clients who prefer a simple or basic upload/download service for the secure delivery and receipt of medical transcription.
  • FTP provides for secure direct connections under password control, avoiding the typical issues such as viruses and spywares.

EMR/EHR Integration

  • We can directly login and transcribe into your EMR system.
  • We can also interface our platform with your existing EMR system using HL7 and ADT integration.

You will embrace our technology because it is highly customizable, intuitive and user-friendly!