Quintessential Medical Transcription

Our medical transcription services have been widely deployed across small hospitals, multi-clinic physician organizations, multispecialty hospitals, individual physician practices, etc. Our diligent efforts in providing the most secure environment for patient health information have been widely commended. What makes us the coveted choice is our HIPAA compliant, round-the-clock services that are nominally priced but highly reliable. CMAGscribe delivers a full range of proven transcription services to streamline your medical information processes and achieve fast and predictable medical record documentation for your organization. We do this with a winning combination of the best people and the most trusted technologies.

With our cost-effective yet reliable medical transcription services, we can help you

  • manage increasing and/or fluctuating transcription volume;
  • eliminate staffing shortages and turnover;
  • shorten billing cycles through fast and reliable accuracy and turnaround times, and effective documentation;
  • obviate capital investment in hardware and dictation/document distribution software;
  • reduce overheads and administration costs.

HIPAA Compliance

We comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements in the handling of protected health information in all areas of the company, and with any and all employees, business associates or contractors that are permitted access to PHI. Health records, personal data and the security of such information have been critical issues in recent years. HIPAA laws were established to protect the rights of individuals and their records. CMAGscribe is committed to ensuring that all necessary policies, procedures and safeguards are in place at all times. These policies and processes include but are not limited to HIPAA Training and Confidentiality Agreements for Employees, Business Associate Agreements with Contractors, Application Security, Workflow Security, and Data Center Physical and Electronic Security. Please contact us for a complete statement of our policies, procedures and safeguards regarding our HIPAA compliant medical transcription services.

In a nutshell, our transcription services are refreshing, personal, cost-effective, client-friendly and secure!