At CMAGscribe, we believe in delivering the highest quality of professional services to our clients and we recognize that this is possible only through a team of trained transcriptionists. Their stint with us begins with an intensive six-month training program with more than 1,000 hours of study that balances theoretical and practical applications and includes immediate feedback to further reinforce learning. Core courses include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes, pharmacology and laboratory medicine, healthcare records, professional development and medical law, ethics and bioethics, among others.

Once the program is successfully completed, the transcriptionist begins work in a supervised setting. Each transcriptionist is given continuing feedback on all reports that are transcribed. Quality assurance specialists provide copies of edited reports with an explanation of changes in content, grammar, spelling, punctuation and mechanics. This analysis provides for a calculation of an accuracy percentage, which is monitored by administration. Those transcriptionists who exhibit the highest accuracy levels are offered advanced training for promotion. We also ensure that all transcriptionists are encouraged in continuing education efforts.

The competitive edge for our personnel comes from their training in standardizing transcribed reports. We have developed a detailed proprietary style guide using common industry standards. This CMAGscribe style guide selects the preferred word treatments and spelling for our transcriptionists, unlike other industry reference manuals, which offer multiple acceptable options. This helps to ensure that all our transcriptionists use exactly the same style treatments, thereby creating a distinct format of uniformity.

With our crew of qualified and trained personnel, quality transcription services are just a call away!