Legal Process Outsourcing

Law firms are today facing numerous challenges on multiple fronts. CMAGscribe empowers law firms to materially lower their operating costs and better compete in a marketplace focused on the bottom line – with no tolerance for any drop in quality.


Our consultative approach, our deep legal expertise, our cutting edge process and technology, our passion for innovation and – above all – our integrity are the highlights of our legal support services. We measure our success by our clients' results. We train and empower our attorneys to consistently deliver the highest quality work. Through continuous innovation and creation of unique technology-enabled solutions, CMAGscribe aims to meet and exceed the standard of excellence in the legal process outsourcing (LPO) arena.

Our value proposition centers on empowering our clients, corporate legal departments and law firms, to achieve their core business and legal objectives. Our fundamental strategy is to be a seamless extension of our clients' legal teams. We focus on building deep, long-term relationships with our clients; we act as strategic advisors, assisting them in determining when and how to best use our services. In addition to delivering the work our clients request, we constantly look for opportunities to help them enhance the value they bring to their clients, and ultimately to grow their businesses.


CMAGscribe provides law firms with two compelling advantages:

  • Lowering support services costs through our law firm solutions offerings — Law firms have a unique set of challenges in addressing their full range of support services needs. Our team of law firm solution professionals is dedicated to the legal domain and brings significant best practice experience to optimize the balance between effective delivery and efficient cost. We offer a unique opportunity to lower the cost of performing services while improving support service quality and turnaround times. Further benefit occurs as existing internal resources may refocus their efforts on more complex and higher value services to the firm.
  • Lowering delivery costs through our domain specific services — In this day and age, law firms must develop delivery models that ensure the highest quality at a competitive price. By integrating our service offering as part of your delivery solution, your firm will enjoy a significant marketplace advantage. We deliver superior quality in these low to mid complexity legal services.

Our services have a common purpose: align the right people, for the right job, at the right place and time, and at the right cost. We provide high-end offshore legal services to the U.S. legal community, including private practice law firms and corporate in-house legal departments. At CMAGscribe, we focus on providing customized legal solutions and adapting to a particular client's needs. Our attorneys are trained and ready to assist your firm or legal department.

  • E-Discovery — Electronic data discovery (EDD) is where technology and the art of data extraction converge. At CMAGscribe, EDD is conducted effectively under proper supervision of trained experts who understand acceptable industry standards and discovery rules. We partner with law firms and corporate legal departments and offer advanced technology solutions at each stage of the e-Discovery process such as electronic data collection, restoration, profiling, culling, reviewing, converting, and production. We have powerful new technology and litigation experts to build customized solutions for evidence and data discovery and to give you the advantage you need to win at a fraction of the cost. CMAGscribe EDD offers scalability to analyze, categorize, and prioritize electronic documents and communications across your entire discovery database, resulting in:
    • Preservation of "best evidence" in original electronic document format,
    • Timely and cost effective document identification and collection.
    • Our team has expertise in processing EDD projects in platforms like Law 5.0 and other similar platforms as required by the client.
  • Litigation / Legal Coding — Handling data efficiently has become a challenge for legal practitioners and law firms. Understanding this fact, we provide full support and all the required assistance to manage your litigation related documents with ease. We combine advanced technology and manpower to provide excellent services to legal entities. Litigation coding services include,
    • Physical/logical unitization
    • Bibliographic/objective coding
    • Subjective coding with advanced coding support
    • Complete text transfer/ data or legal transcription

    Bibliographic coding provides a systematic, standardized organization of documents for efficient data retrieval. The objective of Coding is to identify and capture relevant content from the collection of images. Data Fields typically include Beg. Doc., End Doc., Att. Range, Document Date, Type, Title, Author, Recipient, Copies; as well as Characteristics such as Marginalia, Foreign Language, Handwritten, etc. We have the expertise in using platforms such as Concordance for these projects.

  • Document Review — We provide tailored, efficient and flexible document review services using the latest technology and a modern approach. We identify suitable data to litigation or corporate matters and streamline the data. The streamlined data is then catalogued in a customized way that it can be accessed and retrieved with ease. We do structured contract reviews as well as we organize, review and catalogue documents, summarize voluminous documents and conduct large scale electronic file reviews. We engage multi level expertise to ensure utmost accuracy and clear output to suit the need of our clients.
  • Contract Management — Many corporate businesses and organizations of this time and age do not devote enough time and infrastructure to analyze, review and manage their contracts. Contracts entered into by these businesses may be regular (such as employment contracts, licenses, franchises, etc) or specific to a situation (such as memorandum of understanding, property documents. etc). Law firms in particular are faced with the need to review and analyze various contracts to effectively advise their clients/customers. Our expert team is devoted to handle this lacuna. We look into the current contracts, create and manage new contracts and provide a web-based secure repository that can be instantly accessed to retrieve contract information with utmost safety.
  • IP Documentation — Our intellectual property rights documentation services are twofold, patent drafting and patent proofreading. Strictest of norms pertaining to confidentiality and security are enforced to instill client confidence regarding safety of sensitive information being held and processed at our end.
    • Patents and Design Rights - Patent Drafting: We realize the value of a proper and foolproof patent draft. We offer in-house quality checks to assure full compliance. Each one of our staff signs a NDA on joining us and hence is bound to adhere to our confidentiality policy.
    • Patent Proof Reading: We proofread your patent related documents to identify discrepancies in subject and perform multiple reviews by different experts to identify different types of errors. After the proofreading process is completed, we prepare exhaustive reports on the review of the subject date.
  • Legal Transcription — We provide high quality legal transcription services to assist attorneys and firms document relevant facts and information. The range of documents handled is prolific and most commonly includes letters, interviews, inventor dictations and many more. Having a collective experience of over a decade, our team of legal transcriptionists is trained to transcribe documents in varied English language accents. They are also well versed with legal terminology and are constantly mentored to enhance same. They are also familiar with the general rules of pleading and citation, in order to deliver documents in the most precise manner. We assure our clients of an unequivocal commitment to accuracy, quick turnaround and quality reporting. Voice files may be transmitted either via our technology platform or through a secure FTP server. Further, documents are returned in any format that may be desired and are proofread to eliminate any formatting or grammatical errors.
People & Processes

The strength of CMAGscribe is its people. Our attorneys are qualified, full-time and committed. Our project management protocols and technology infrastructure assure efficiency and security. Our emphasis on quality drives our business. The efficiencies of our project management processes improve overall quality and further decrease cost. Our project management team is experienced and professional. We meet with clients upfront to set up project parameters, facilitate case-specific training, set up easy lines of communication, clearly explain our team approach, rigorously monitor the work of our attorneys and report the results of our work.